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Shoplift Deals 2022 Fitness Tracker SMART WATCH c/w 1.69" Touch Screen and so much more!


Back by popular demand, and just in time for the holidays!

The newest version of our Smart Watches are back!

These incredible watches are our in-house brand and not available elsewhere!

These new versions come with all kinds of incredible options and specs that you can see in the images!

YES! it includes Blood Oxygen Level tracking, Menstruation tracking, Breath training, Heart Rate monitor, tonnes of sport tracking options, stress management, and YES! It is waterproof too!

And... the battery life is 8 DAYS!!!!

SPECIAL BONUS: Each watch includes a screen protector to prevent scratches and reduce the chance of cracking! *simple self installation required*

Available in 6 colours:







Also available: watch strap colour options to match different outfits!

Out for delivery by the end of November, but we expecct them sooner**

Out of stock