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2022 Holiday Must Have ALERT! Hex Lights with RGB Technology: Touch or Wifi options!


2022 Holiday Gift Of the Year ALERT!

Yes! If you are looking for a great gift idea this year, look no further! 

These NEW HEX Lights offered here on Shoplift Deals are versatile and a must-have!

They come with RBG Technology, allowing for over 16000 colour hues! Customize your lighting, by creating different shapes with your hex lights! Simply plug them into one another 

Each Hex Light system comes with two options:

-6 Hex Lights or 10 Hex Lights (a MAX of 15 Hex lights per set can be used and we offer the additional Hex Light Pods if you want to make your set larger, up to a max of 15)

-Each Hex Light option comes with a remote control to select your light design/colour. You have the choice of either Touch control or Wifi enabled control that allows you to sync your lights to music also!

These are GREAT gift ideas for: Teens, kids, and for anyone looking for home decor options!

Expected out for delivery by the first week of December or sooner! We will have limited quantities in store, so we recommend you pre purchase them now!

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