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3D Holiday Glasses! Great for Light festivals, looking at Christmas lights and more!

There are magical moments everywhere!!

Introducing: 3D Specs to enhance your holiday light experience!

These are a surprise for your eyes! These 3D Holiday Specs Glasses are designed especially for looking at holiday lights or fireworks! These special holographic lenses are ready to reveal a special surprise when you look at holiday lights, or city lights (the darker outside the better!). Take a peek at your Christmas tree once it is all lit up!

These 3D glasses are adjustable for younger kiddos and are patented 3D lenses!

Over 20,000,000 sold globally! This is a must-have holiday item and is a great stocking stuffer idea!

Offered in an array of styles, we have 4 different ones on Shoplift:



-Christmas Tree


They come individually or in sets of 1 of each!

If you are heading to the Calgary Zoo Lights, the Glow Edmonton, Airdrie Festival of Lights, or any other Christmas light display, you will have so much fun with these!

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