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90 Days in the 90's Interactive Scratchable Poster

Special Price CA$24.00 Regular Price CA$29.00

Here's the 411 - this poster is all that AND a bag of chips! Aiight?

The 90’s was a crazy decade: denim and neon outfits, the first electronic gadgets, junk food, boy bands, cheesy but addictive TV shows, life without the Internet…It was not that long ago, but a lot has changed over the last few years!

Whether you are fortunate to have grown up in this legendary decade and wish to lean into the nostalgia, or you were born later and are obsessed with discovering the fads of this fabulous era, this scratchable poster will give you the opportunity to relive this amazing decade by remembering all its icons.

It’s not impossible.  You can travel in time and live your favourite decade all over!

Poster size: 85 x 40 cm



Ships in approximately 2 weeks