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A Few of our Favourite Things: Sweet Holiday Treats! Medium size

These are a few of our favourite things, from our 3 favourite Bakeries! Each beautiful baked good is a 2 bite size, perfect for sharing (or eating all to yourself!) and with the specified quantities. The only exception to this are the Meringues (one bite) and the Brittle (various sized pieces) options! Here is the beautiful list of delicious offerings and who makes them:
  1. Avenue Cakery & Bake Shoppe: A local Airdrie household name, Avenue is well known for its incredible cakes, holiday baking, and every day treats. We are honored to partner with Debi and her girls to offer the following:
    1. Shortbread 2 bite cookies: these cookies melt in your mouth! Choose from an array of options for shortbread: Baileys, Chocolate Chip, Pecan  (my fav), Egg Nog, Traditional, Lemon, Jam Thumbprint, Gooey Caramel, Mint, (if you just can't decide, check out the cookies by the dozen sale as well!)
    2. Macaroons: option of either standard or chocolate
    3. Brittle: available in either Peanut Brittle, Pistachio Brittle or Maple Bacon Brittle!
  2. Ruffles & Lace Artisan Cakes: A local Aridrie AHS Approved Home Based newer Bakery known for its cakensteins (cake end pieces with toppings that are a box of heaven! No waste in her kitchen!) We are honored to offer Jen's delicious cookie offerings of:
    1. Chewy Ginger Snaps: the holiday favourite! These two-bite size cookies are a chewy sweet treat that will leave you wanting more!
    2. Embossed Orange Spiced Sugar Cookies: As good as they sound, these are also embossed with details that make them both delicious as well as beautiful!
  3. La Table Haute Bakery: A new French bakery that makes the most exquisite fresh pastries. They are worth the drive to Airdrie for a special treat for breakfast on the weekend. One of my favourite all time Bakeries! We are proud to partner with Eric and his staff to offer the following:
    1. Holiday themed bite size Meringue drops in Red (Rose flavour), White (Vanilla), and Green (Mint). Delightful and traditional, bet you can't eat just one!
    2. Hazlenut Biscotti in a 2 bite size that is perfect for dipping in tea (or let's face it, just eating anytime!)
This order includes the Full Entertaining size and includes the following: -6 Macaroons (2 bite size, come 3 traditional and 3 chocolate) -1 100g package of Brittle of your choice (PLEASE SPECIFY IN THE PERSONALIZATION CELL) -6 of 1 type of Shortbread Cookies (2 bite size) (PLEASE SPECIFY IN THE PERSONALIZATION CELL) -6 Embossed Orange Spiced Sugar Cookies (2 bite size) -6 Chewy Ginger Snaps (2 bite size) -1 full bag of Biscotti (approx 8 pc per bag) -1 full bag of mixed meringue (approx 12-14 pc per bag) All cookies will be packaged per set from the Bakery directly and sent together in festive overall packaging. Delivery is the week of Dec 16. All of these may or do include: nuts, milk, butter, wheat.
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