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Ace Camp Terrain Mummy Sleeping Bag: Good to -17C!

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The AceCamp Terrain Mummy cold weather sleeping bag is one of the best 0°F / -17° C mummy sleeping bags out there, it incorporates style, warmth and function without the high price tag. When you buy a zero degree sleeping bag warmth is the name of the game. The Terrain 0 combines thoughtful features to lock in your body heat and keep you warm all night. The contoured mummy shape minimizes the space inside your body needs to warm and makes it light to carry as well.

Insulation is the foundation of a sleeping bag. The Terrain zero contains 40 oz of Thermolite branded insulation. Many bags use no-name insulation or their own made-up brand leaving you to take their word for it. Insulation's job is to trap air. Thermolite insulation fibers have 7 holes in them that trap air inside the fibers plus their High Loft captures even more warmth and feels soft and comfortable as well. Thermolite retains warmth even when wet and dries quickly.


​Temperature 0°F / -17°C Weight 4.4 lbs / 2 kg Height 84" / 213 cm Width 34" / 89 cm Fits Users Up To 6' 6" Tall (198 cm) Cold Weather Designed

On sale unitl April 9 and out for delivery by the end of April!

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