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AcuFlex Massage Ball: Transform your sore muscles!

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AcuFlex Massage Ball: Transform your sore muscles!

So many massage products, how do you know when one is amazing?

You check out demos and reviews!

We have tested this incredible, powerful AcuFit Massage Ball and it. is. incredible.

It has a High-intensity vibrating massage ball with 4 modes of vibration for the release of even the deepest of muscle knots. It makes  your hand itchy when you hold it on the LOWEST setting!

Perfect for warm-up, pre-workout, recovery, releasing muscle tension, Myofascial Release and trigger point treatment.

Once you try this, you won't care about any other overall massager. You can use this on every part of your body and it even comes with a mesh bag and handles to allow you to position the ball exactly where you need it without help from anyone else. Especially on your back!

Comes with a textured silicone surface that provides the optimal grip and comfort, as well as ease for cleaning.

Best part (other than how it will make you feel): it is USB chargeable, so NO MORE BATTERIES, or sitting near a plug in! Just charge, and go!

Awesome to travel anywhere, these also make incredible gifts for anyone!

Every household needs one of these awesome massagers!

Out for delivery by the end of October! 

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