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Ahhmazing Natural Body Butter

From the makers of the best Hair Detangler... Now get Ahhmazing for your body too! Leaves your skin incredibly soft... All jars are 4oz and come in the following scents: Frosted Sugar Cookie: Everyone loves the beautiful frosted cut out cookies of the Holidays! This mild, comforting blend of vanilla, butter and cream smells ohhh so good. Good enough to eat, but don’t! Cranberry Tangerine: This lovely soft scent of tart cranberries and tangy tangerines is very refreshing, inviting and a slight touch of spicy. Perfect for the holidays. Tis The Season: Such a delight for the Holiday Season with this enchanting blend of cinnamon, red delicious apple, cedarwood and a touch of vanilla. Yum! Sugar Plum: Rich, sugared plums and boysenberries are blended perfectly with sweet orange, cinnamon leaf and a touch of apple to create this traditional holiday favorite. Blue Hawaiian: An eccentric combination of sweet pineapple, tangy orange, fresh peach, delicious cherry, and a hint of creamy coconut; a total tropical experience Lemongrass (Essential Oil): Natural Mosquito Repellent. A pleasant lemon scent with a light earthy finish. Lemongrass (EO) has been studied to repel mosquitoes. This is especially important now, with the presence of Zika virus. This is a summer time must for the whole family! THIS WORKS REALLY GREAT!! No chemicals, No sticky residue and smells great. Oatmeal Milk & Honey: Relaxing and nurturing, this perfect blend of oatmeal, milk and honey calms, soothes and nourishes the soul and skin. A very nice warm scent with a sweet honey finish. Sea Mist: This fragrance has been a long time staple in our product line. Fresh airy clean scent with a touch of sweetness. A blend of Ozone, Sea Spray, Orange and Rose, a great unisex fragrance Unscented: The Ahh-Mazing product with no scent added, so you can add in your favorite perfume or enjoy the rich creaminess of the Body Butter Frosting with no scent! Cucumber Melon: A graceful, classic scent that blends the clean freshness of sliced cucumbers with the mellow sweetness of ripe melons. With us from inception, this fragrance is still one of our most popular.
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