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AiQURA Infrared Touchless Thermometer

AiQURA Infrared Touchless Thermometer

Check anyone's tempurature without contact!

AiQURA's Infrared Thermometer scans anyone for their tempurature!

This CE certified Infrared Thermometer is designed to very quickly measure the body temperature. Designed for all ages, the LCD backlit screen is easy to read and the non-slip handle is comfortable to grip. The forehead thermometer can be used repeatedly without worrying about contact with others. It quickly detects whether the human body is carrying a fever fever without the need for contact. Readings take less than a second and the screen will immediately alert the user of whether a fever is present.

Concerned about people entering your home? What about checking before you travel or go back to work or school?

So many specs, this thermometer is a must have for any home!


  • Blue Screen Display
  • Non-contact, multipurpose, radiation free, fast & precise
  • Functions in: Celsius, Fahrenheit conversion, over temp alarm, data memory & auto shut down
  • Operates ambient tempurature of 10C - 40C with a desired humidity less than 85%
  • Measuring range: Body tempurature patters: 35C-43C & surface tempurature of 0C-100C
  • Accuracy: 0C-30C (+/-0.2C), 30C-45C (+/-0.1C), 45C-100C (+/-0.4C)
  • Measuring distance: 3cm-5cm
  • Measuring time: 1 second
  • Auto shut off after 15 seconds
  • Power supply: DV 3V Battery
  • Weight (without battery):90g
  • Authentification: CE
  • 16 sets of memory
  • indicates high temperature by alarm
  • includes manual, please read prior to use

Out for delivery the last week of August!

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