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Ameflore Essential Oil Boxes

Collectible Box Sets! Relax Box- Ylang Ylang Oil (5ml) Ylang ylang is a popular and intense oil to diffuse. The feminine, sweet, and floral fragrance engages the senses as well as brings peace and emotional balance. Lavender Oil (10ml) For thousands of years, lavender oil has been used in naturopathy for skin problems, insomnia, and tension as well as for muscle, digestive, and respiratory problems. Chamomile Oil (5ml) With a flowery, sweet, and balancing aroma, this oil is used in naturopathy to treat gastric and intestinal problems. Sage/Muscat Sage Oil (5ml) Sage gets its name from the Latin word “salvare” which means cure, and it is an oil which brings vitality and clarity. In naturopathy, sage is a popular treatment for digestive problems, colds, skin conditions, and oral care.   Wake Up Box: Bergamot Oil (10ml) Mood brightening, relaxing, and soothing, this oil is commonly used to flavor food. Grapefruit Oil (10ml) The scent of subtopical citrus fruits lends itself well to diffusion and provides an air of joy as well as refreshes and invigorates the mood. Lemon Oil (10ml) The peel oils of citrus fruits are very popular for use in the kitchen. Providing energy, lifting spirits, and with a tangy, refreshing scent, this is a great oil to diffuse. Peppermint Oil (10ml) This aroma provides freshness, clarity, and vitality. In the field of natural medicine, it is used for colds, muscle aches, and stomach problems.
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