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Aqua Gel Massaging Insoles


YES! These really do work!

If you are anything like me, you have tried a tonne of insoles. 

Introducing another incredible wellness product: the Aqua Gel Massaging Insoles by Relaxus.

  • Filled with Glycerinum gel which moves slower than water and provides a subtle massaging sensation to each step
  • Contoured indents guide the flow of gel, creating tiny waves that act like gentle springs for the feet
  • 1000 gauss magnet in each arch 
  • easily trim down toe edge to size shoe

These literally feel like you are walking on a piece of heaven. If you have sore feet from standing or walking or just in general, these low cost insoles are incredible.

Available in the following sizes:

Small/Medium: fits size women 6-9, men 5-7

Large/XLarge: fits size women 10+, men 8-11

XXL: fits men 12-15


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