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Ashden & Co. Men's 12 Day Advent Calendar

Special Price CA$22.00 Regular Price CA$26.99

 A bunch of cool stuff to make your chest hair smell nice! Don't have chest hair and just looking for something to treat yourself to a relaxing pamper session?

The Ashden & Co Christmas Advent Calendar is for what you have been waiting for!  Perfect as a pre-Christmas gift for any man – no actually, any person. It doesn’t feel any different if you’re a lady.

This calendar is jam-packed with 12 days of bath and body luxuries to keep your body feeling clean and clear. A surprise is waiting behind each door!

Includes: body wash (2x), bath salts (2x), after shave balm, foot cream, hand cream, a comb, body puff, flannel towel, lip balm, and a soap bar (12 products in total).


Out for delivery at the beginning of November.


Ships in approximately 2 weeks