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AUTHENTIC Happy Nappers: Standard and Large! *Rebate Program*

AUTHENTIC Happy Nappers: Standard and Large! *Rebate Program*

Yes! Authentic Happy Nappers!

*REBATE PROGRAM: Each Happy Napper purchase earns a $10 shoplift account credit issued to accounts on Feb 8*

You’ll laugh when you see your child’s newfound love for sleep time!

Available in either Standard size: 54" L x 20" W (2-4 years) or Large size: 66" L x 30" W (6-8 years)

Each Happy Napper comes in your choice of animal caricature:

In Standard size: Husky, Green Dragon, White Unicorn, or Hot Pink Unicorn

In Large size: White Unicorn, Pink Kitty, Yellow Dog, Hot Pink Unicorn, Grey Shark, or Green Dragon

The Play Pillow With Personality When it comes to your kids, safety is your most important consideration. The Happy Napper is one plush pillow with a soft inner sleep sack, so it contains no loose parts or complicated operation. It’s great for children 2 to 8, and it even supports their growing autonomy. Just pull the pillow open, tuck inside, and zip it up just as you would with a sleeping bag.

The Happy Napper is a fun playtime companion for your child too. With dense, premium-quality cushioning, the pillow is perfect for your child to rest on during storytimes, watching movies, or playing games with friends. With cute animal personality sewn right in, it can become part of your child’s imaginative play too. The Happy Napper is also an effective homework helper––when there’s a fun character cushion to sit on or beside, those study sessions are so much more fun!

Easy Pull & Zip The Happy Napper converts from perfect play pillow to snuggle soft sleep sack in a snap. Simply pull on the feet and––surprise!––your child has a safe and comfortable place to fall into a deep sleep. The Happy Napper gives your child a sense of security too from fears of the dark or scary dreams. Because it’s a cute, gentle animal character, your child will feel like they have a friend they can take anywhere. The Happy Napper is perfect for a first-time sleepover at a friend’s house. It feels safe and secure, and it’s easy to carry. Take it camping, to the cottage, or on family vacations too!

On sale all week until Friday Feb 5 and out for delivery mid February

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