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Baby Hooded Towels By Yikes Twins

YES! Yikes Twins Hooded Towels for Babies too!

These Hooded towels come in 3 different prints and are 2 sided 100% cotton jersey knit on the outer side and 100% cotton terry cloth on the inside for the ultimate in drying. Keep your baby warm and dry after the bath or pool, and use it up to about age 4. 3 prints available are Unicorn, Monsters, and Baby Animals. Bottom towel width is 34" and length is 25" not including the hood.

**For kids sizes 2-8 yrs and 8 yrs+ as well as kids slippers, please see other product offerings!

Machine wash with like colors.

On sale all week until April 2, out for delivery the 3rd week of April!

Out of stock