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Beersbee is the best outdoor game ever! Play with your family members, your neighbours, your friends. Its a great idea for social distance outdoor activities!

Beersbee is the game played by two teams.

It is named "Beersbee" because it was invented as a drinking game, but can be played as a non drinking game for all ages. When playing as a drinking game, please do so responsibly!

Beersbee uses two identical poles with a base to keep them from falling over and with a small platform at the top to balance a beer or pop can on.

Each team sets up this pole on their side. They decide who goes first and the object of the game is to use your included frisbee to either knock the can off or hit the pole to topple the can off. The defending team can't touch the frisbee until it lands or hits the pole or beer can. They earn a point for catching the frisbee and also earn 2 points if you catch the beer can as it falls. Frisbees can't bounce off the ground and hit the pole. That doesn't count! If you knock off the beer can, you get a point. If you catch the frisbee after it hits the pole, you get a point, and if you catch the beercan as it falls, you get 2 points! Team with the least points that round drinks! If you hit the ground with the frisbee, and then hit the opponents pole, your team drinks!  

Then it is the other team's opportunity to do the same. Each team can have anywhere from 1 or more players, so this is definitely a great game for camping, neighbours, and groups of people. 

You can adapt this game to just simply keep score if you do not want to play it as a drinking game.

Each Beersbee set includes:

-all of the PVC piping to create two towers and can platforms

-2 frisbees  

Expected out for delivery by the First week of May, in time for yard fun!

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