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BEETtan! A natural way to get that sunkissed glow!


READY - SET - GLOW!  Get a start on your summer shine with BEETTAN!  

BEETTAN is an all natural sunless tanning company that is passionate about skin health and has perfected the art of sunless tanning.  Their products are designed to provide hydration, skin nutrition and a natural tan for all skin types. AND is safe to use on your face!

BEETTAN’S products are designed with you in mind. No smearing, streaking, smudging and smells amazing!

Shoplift Deals is excited to offer the following BEETTAN products: 

  • Self Tanning Lotion
    • This self tanning lotion is designed to provide gradual, natural tan for all skin tones. Hydrates and nourishes the skin, while the anti-aging components tone and firm! The best part? This lotion goes on CLEAR And smells INCREDIBLE! 
  • Self Tanning Mousse
    • A lightweight dark self tanning mousse made with real coconut water and our famous BEET tanning ingredient that delivers a deep, dark tan with a healthy glow! Coconut water works as a natural toner, hydrating the skin without leaving it feeling oily or tacky. Easy to apply for flawless results!
  • BeetButt Sunless Tanning Blending Butter
    • Use in your daily routine to moisturize the skin, or to blend BEETTAN Self-tanner on feet-ankles, hands-wrists, to ensure an even application. This formula is great for blending sunless tanner on problematic areas to ensure an even application. Also keeping your skin moisturized will help your sunless glow last longer, hydration is key! 
  • BeetOff Self Tanning Eraser
    • A lightweight cleansing mousse that removes stubborn self tan build up in just 5 minutes.Unique formula gently cleanses, conditions and tones skin to create the perfect starting point for your next tan or to remove a self-tanning mishap. 
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