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BENDIT Brush! A kitchen gadget MUST-have!

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BENDIT Brush! A kitchen gadget MUST-have!
BENDIT Brush! We have all been there... you reach for a glass or a knife and you realize that it isn't actually clean. Still lipstick on that wine glass? Still veggies on that knife? And you dishwasher just baked it on? No problem! Introducing the BendIt Brush! The Bendit Brush is a shape changing cleaning brush made of grey silicone. Use it as a brush or as a sponge...use it bent or use it straight. Either way it cleans dishware and glassware easily and thoroughly. One side has a honeycomb type pattern as similar as using a sponge and the other side has bristles to use as a scrubbing brush! Every kitchen must-have! Out for delivery by the end of June!
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