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Bleach Bright Premium Teeth Whitening at Home

The Perfect At Home Whitening Kit & More! No sensitivity! Complete White Smile Kit: Teeth Whitening or oral health? How about both! With the Complete White Smile, you will get the best of both worlds! A whiter smile in just 7 days  with proper maintenance that is also inclduded! This kit includes: NightBright mini LED Light, vial of whitening gel, FoamBright (better than toothpaste teeth cleaner), and StarBright Pen for ongoing. Includes simple How To instructions. Applications: 30 nightbright, 120 Foambright and 30 Starbright. This kit maintains and protects with no sensitivity when whitening. Improves enamel health to reduce and prevent sensitivity to hot and cold and includes everything you need for a whiter, brighter smile! Starbright Pen The Starbright Pen is for on-the-go whitening and enamel strengthening. Brush on whitening gel to maintain your white smile. Use the enamel booster gel to strengthen and block stains. 2 in 1! How to use: Unscrew whitening gel side first and apply a thin layer to each tooth. Allow to dry for 30 seconds. Repeat with enamel booster side. Each pen is 30 applications. Perfect for on-going maintenance and protection. Helps prevent cavities and maintains a white smile. KeepBright Pen The KeepBright Pen is an on-the-go whitening for maintaining your smile daily. Use it after consuming any food that would stain a white t-shirt to remove those new stains immediately. How to use: Twist the bottom of the pen until gel comes out of the tip. Then smile wide and apply the gel to each tooth. Allow to dry for 30 seconds. Each pen is 30 applications. Perfect for on going maintenance to maintain a white smile! Made in the USA Out for delivery by mid September
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