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Blinger Hair Diamond Collection Set & Refills!

Load, Clink, Bling! Hair, Fashion, Anything! Blinger is the accessory that allows you to add bling to your everyday life. Blinger is safe and easy to use. Whether you’re blinging your hair, clothes or accessories, these gems stay on all day. Includes 75 gems with assortment of colours. Girls, Age 5+ Gem colours included in set:  -2 pink -2 turquoise -1 white Also includes the the Blinger tool!   Refills come as a single pack that includes: Ran out of blingers? Not to worry! This blinger 5-Piece Refill Pack is just what you need. Finally, the gems that allow you to add that much needed bling to your everyday life! Blinger is safe and easy to use! Want some variety? These blinger refill packs Includes 75 gems, in 3 sparkle collection packs: Brilliance, Jewel, and Rainbow! No need to wait! Open, pop in the refill and bling away! Age 5+ Gender Neutral Includes: -1 Brilliance Pack -1 Jewel Pack -1 Rainbow Pack Out for delivery by the first week of November *These will make a GREAT holiday gift!**
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