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A booth full of memories…plus: IKEA!

A booth full of memories…plus: IKEA!

So we had finally gotten all our ducks in a row and I wanted to start setting up our shop.

During the process of legalizing (how ironic) Shoplift Deals Ltd, something sad occurred.

A restaurant in Edmonton called Gabbana that had been on Jasper Avenue for almost 2 decades was closed suddenly from non-payment of the lease space. I had been going to Gabbana for over 17 years and was so sad to hear the news. I have had countless birthday celebrations, business meetings, and social gatherings there over the years and I used to live 2 blocks from the restaurant when I was much younger. The restaurant was made up of regular patrons.

“Why does this matter?” you are asking yourself… and here is why:

I had been looking for furniture for the front area of the shop that was affordable. While we don’t want the shop to be used for typical retail traffic, we did want to set up the front area to allow us to do our live videos and product showcases. It already has laminate flooring so we thought we would set it up with living space to act as the “Shoplift Home”. Besides, every questionable establishment needs a comfortable lair!

Now, back to Gabbana…

I knew the property management company was liquidating the assets in the restaurant and I wanted something that was sentimental for me to keep. I asked about the art and other things but they were spoken for. And then I remembered the booth. They had a circular booth that was always the coveted place to sit. There were always people in it, and even though I attended the restaurant hundreds of times, I had only ever sat in it twice. I asked if I could purchase that and she said YES!

So, after an incredibly inexpensive price (another great steal!!), I was able to purchase the new Shoplift Booth where we will showcase products, have planning sessions and likely drink a lot of wine in. Plus, it has huge sentimental meaning for me…yep…I was weepy! I even scored some stainless water jugs that we will use for fresh flowers.

Once we had the booth hauled down from Edmonton, we set it up and started looking for something that would define the front showcase room from our back concrete floor fulfillment space. We didn’t want to have to develop anything in the shop due to the costs-my bank account was already crying! Plus, I didn’t want to have to apply for development permits…that would probably make me lose all my hair!

We found really affordable IKEA shelving that worked perfectly and so with the expert help of Jeni Neil, our shelving was constructed and our space defined!

Then we set up our office space area and THE SHOP was transformed into a fully utilized work space and fulfillment centre for Shoplift Deals Ltd.!

And then the parenting trap caught me: FUNDRAISING…how the product showcase space became a used book warehouse…