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Because backwards is how I roll

Because backwards is how I roll

Once we had our commercial space confirmed, I wanted to ensure our business license was valid for this location.

I contacted the city of Airdrie staff and was told about the approvals we required in order to operate in the space. Little did I know that I began this process backwards.

First, we had the Fire Inspector come. There were a few small corrections to make and we learned a lot about safety! I also learned how to use a fire extinguisher (sounds simple, but we heard some people think that throwing the extinguisher on the fire will put it out, so he clarified for us that was not an option for fire containment!)

Then, I applied to the City Planning & Development Department and learned that we needed to apply to use the space under the Land Use Bylaw as we were not classified as the business type that was previously approved for the unit. This waiting caused me to lose several years off my life for sure. I had visions of my savings being spent on a commercial space that I couldn’t occupy! Let’s face it: I was freaking out! A 2 year commitment and I had not investigated whether or not we could even operate there. This was my stupid moment of 2018. I even know better, so I have no idea why I didn’t look into this prior to signing the lease agreement, but I am going to chalk it up to Christmas retail rush and my lack of sleep!

We passed this step, but then had to wait for the month of December so the city could post about our Land Use change in the local paper. So we waited to see if anyone in the community had an objection to our proposed Land Use.

Did I mention previously that I am not a patient person? Plus, this was all occurring during our busiest time of the year and we were using the space despite not having our license updated. All of it caused me worry like you wouldn’t believe!

And then the Christmas and New Years holiday hit and that took a few more weeks to get through.

Once that was all done, I forgot that I had to submit to the city for the Development & Occupancy Permit. Thankfully we had no development required so we just had to wait about a week more and then FINALLY we were issued our Certificate of Occupancy as well as our Airdrie Business License on January 18!

Thankfully we have a pretty amazing and supportive group of people at the City of Airdrie who helped me through each step, even though I did all this backwards.

So then we began setting up the shop…