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Integrity & business ethics…and possibly a concussion!

Integrity & business ethics…and possibly a concussion!

I grew up knowing that one of the the best ways to see if a business was honorable was if they were a member of the BBB. The Better Business Bureau qualifies them, has a reporting process for consumers to review a business and they verify disputes that weed out the question of legitimate issues. In a world of fake reviews and paid followers, the Better Business Bureau offers real feedback and information. I knew we wanted to be members!

They provide a community of like minded business people who care about standing behind their products and services and we were really excited to be approved for their southern Alberta chapter!

They invite new members to an information session breakfast where they explain how the BBB works, what their business support and community look like, and how to really maximize your membership. I had arrived slightly early for the event (this is an incredible feat as I usually operate on what my friends call “HST” (Heather Standard Time)!). I sat down and met a few of my fellow attendees.

We were about 25 minutes into the the session when I could feel my phone vibrating. I looked and realized it was my kids’ school calling and my heart sank. It was the call a parent dreads! I quietly answered (luckily I had seated myself at the back of the room and hadn’t disturbed anyone) and was informed that my son had been in an accident and had hit his head really hard against a metal doorway and that they felt I should come and take him in to rule out a concussion! I exited the session and started running to my vehicle…

It was a brisk (and thankfully speed-ticket-free) drive from Calgary to Airdrie and I ran into the school after imagining every possible horrid situation and all the types of issues that come from a concussion. My son’s goose egg was pretty sick. He was playing in gym and one of his friends was racing him to retrieve a ball that had landed in a storage room. As they both entered the storage room, they hit each other and the momentum caused him to hit his head against the metal door frame. His goose egg was almost brag worthy. It was a long and large welt.  My entire hand cupped it and it was a greeny-purple color. Blech.

So, off we went to Urgent Care. We were there for about 2 hours. The complaining coming from my son indicated that he was his same self and was going to be fine! The doctor confirmed that he didn’t have a concussion but that he still needed to rest and they sent us home with some information on how to rest with a head injury.

I don’t think I will ever forget how long a drive 30km can be as your mind invents worst case scenarios for you about your kid. My kids have each had a few minor accidents over the years, but a head injury is always concerning. It’s funny how just seeing a phone number can make a parent feel such powerful dread!!

We were just thankful it wasn’t serious… and now I will never forget my first experience at the BBB either!!