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It’s a SIGN!

It’s a SIGN!

It was a pretty cold and windy day when they came in the afternoon of Feb 20 to install the sign…

I was impatiently waiting from inside watching them construct the scaffolding to put it up and it was COLD!

I was so excited, I could hardly contain myself! I was wondering how I would announce the official location and before I could, we had a Shoplifter share the news!

The sign was up for 1/2 hour and we already had people excited about the official location! It was wonderful!

We even had people walk in to find out more about us and that was an unexpected pleasant benefit of our location. We have a pretty incredible exposure position on the end of the building with lots of windows to let in all the natural light.

We set up our shelving to separate our office space from our front show room and we almost have our fulfillment area finished. I can’t wait to do a live video when we are set up to show everyone!

If you happen to be in the neighbourhood, stop by for a visit and see for yourself!

Stay tuned for more pictures as we get settled officially in our new shop!