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My house was a disaster…

My house was a disaster…

It was October 2018. It had started prior to this, but October was my ah-ha moment.

We were living amid skids of product and boxes of items ordered for Shoplift. We had kids toys, himalayan salt lamps, mukluks & moccasins footwear from Laurentian Chief and plush character onesies galore and my house was loaded. Skip-the-dishes had become my co-parent.

Our kitchen, entry, living room, and garage were overflowing and then the doorbell rang with another skid delivery that was dropped at my front step. Moon Lamps had arrived. Guess what I wanted to do with those…

On top of all of this, our overstock items were stacked in (and almost filled) my entire basement. It was a makeshift business location for a business that just keeps growing. It was overtaking my house and my kids and I were getting resentful of this roommate that had taken over our personal spaces. Plus… Christmas season hadn’t even begun yet. I was scared.

I knew it was time for a change.

I had wrestled with the idea of our own commercial location for the last year. But I just couldn’t stand living like a mouse in a cardboard box maze. So, I took to the interwebs.

It was as though the heavens opened and gifted me a location.

My realtor, Google, told me all about this great 1300 square foot space for lease in my home city of Airdrie. Call me crazy…it is even located across from a Liquor Store…I knew it was meant to be. Stacey (whose title is officially the Director of Customer Experience and Zen Level Patience) and I made an appointment with the listing realtor to have a look at the space 2 days later.

We entered #101, 2966 Main Street SE on a beautiful sunny day. I had already super stalked it about 19 times by driving by and peeking in the windows like a creeper in the two days I had to wait to see it. I am not very talented when it comes to waiting.

Stacey and I entered the space and it took every bit of energy for us not to jump up and down with excitement about the location. We weren’t sure how many people had submitted a lease agreement proposal or shown interest in the space and we wanted it so badly, I didn’t want them to increase the price! We were looking for a small bay and there are so many larger commercial facilities available that I was worried we wouldn’t find something that fit us, or that I would have to commit to something so large that it would drain my savings account.

Did it have a bay door? Check.

Did it have a good location? Check-better than I could have hoped for!

Did it have a bathroom? Check.

Did it require renovation? Nope, thank goodness I didn’t have to pay for that!

Did it come with an open space to organize our office area and assembly line type receiving and fulfillment? Check.

Was it going to let me have my house back? CHECK!

So, on October 31, 2018, I signed a 2-year lease to have a dedicated fulfillment facility for Shoplift Deals Ltd. We now officially had a commercial space!

I, of course, cried. The relief and excitement and responsibility bubbled out of my eyes. Plus I am the type of person who probably should be on medication-everything makes me sentimentally weepy!

The best part about “the Shop” is that it came with a few things we were able to reuse such as desks and filing cabinets. This helped us save money, which I was all for!

It took a few days for our lease to be signed and it was nerve-wracking waiting. Again, not patient. But…drinking wine helped!

We had taken the first step to having a place of belonging for Shoplift!

Little did I know the process that was ahead of us…