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Boody Organic Bamboo Wear: Crop Leggings

Boody Organic Bamboo Wear: Crop Leggings

Sometimes less is more. Sure, full-length leggings have their time and place. But when you really want your legs to breathe or are looking for that flattering-leg length, slip on our comfy Crop Leggings. With an elastic-free waistband and superbly soft, 4-way stretch fabric, you can be sure that these bamboo leggings won't hold you back. If you're after a clean and flattering silhouette, look no further than our Crop Leggings.

What these figure-hugging, cropped leggings lack in length they more than make up for in comfort. With our signature seamfree sides, these leggings are a dream to wear. And if their ultra-softness wasn't enough, our Crop Leggings are also kind to the environment.

Crafted from organically-grown bamboo, these leggings are as sustainable as they are stylish.

These are in stock with our distributor here in Canada and will be out for delivery for our August 4 delivery or sooner!

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