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Boreal Heartland Teas


Incredible and delicious Teas from Boreal Heartland!

At Boreal Heartland, our focus is to create income opportunities for northern Saskatchewan Indigenous people through sustainable use of boreal plants. We are governed by our Board of Indigenous, northern Saskatchewan people. Our harvest is guided by an Advisory Committee which provides traditional perspectives on our relationship with the land. We are guided by the goals of sustainability and respect for Indigenous traditions. To help us meet them we have developed harvester training and practice ongoing care for the environment. These actions ensure that the non-timber forest products we harvest will be available for generations to come.

Because we are a northern Saskatchewan based company, we can easily connect with local Indigenous harvesters. We are proud that well over 90% of our harvesters are local Indigenous people. The result of our steadfast care and intention at every level is our collection of unique, forest fresh products, steeped in goodness and infused with Canadian flavour. Growing from initial product development, we now offer our signature line of beverages, fresh and dried chanterelle mushrooms, herbal ingredients to distillers and brewers, and bulk herbs to international buyers. Our co-branding partnership with Federated Co-ops Limited has also become an important part of our business and we continue to focus on new opportunities. Boreal Heartland is an initiative of Keewatin Community Development Association, a longstanding, northern, non-profit organization dedicated to supporting career, education, business, and economic development in the northern Saskatchewan region. 

Available teas: Relaxation Tea, Restoration Tea, Energization Tea, and Labrador Tea (All are caffein free. For pregnant and breastfeeding mothers, Labrador and Relaxation is not recommended)

We are proud to offer these Boreal Heartland Teas on Shoplift. They will be available all week until Friday, February 12 and will be out for delivery by the end of February!

For more detailed information about each tea and the Boreal Forest, please see below!

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