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BOREDOM BUSTER DIGITAL DOWNLOAD: Batch Food Prep #1: Everything you need in one place!

BOREDOM BUSTER meal prep week 1
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Batch Meal Prep & Cooking, with everything you need! A step-by-step guide to 16 freezer meals all done in 1 day!

Everyone can look up a recipe, but few places offer everything you need for batch cooking!

In these digital downloads, you get it all:

-includes 8 of our favourite dinner recipes and enough ingredients for 2 full meals each recipe! 

Each meal feeds 4-6 people!

-Exact Shopping list for everything you need to make all of the recipes.. check your pantry first and "click & collect" anything else you might need! So easy!

-printable labels for your freezer storage for each recipe

Get your family to help with the prep and then you have 18 dinners ready to go! No more wondering "what's for dinner?"

Digital Downloads available within 24 hours of purchase or sooner. Includes 1 download!

Stay healthy and Happy Social Distancing!

*Part of our new Digital Download weekly product offer at Shoplift Deals!