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BREW IT YOURSELF! Fun kits for the whole family!

These fun DIY kits are fun for anyone!

Make your fave pop with these Brew It Yourself kits...

Available in:


-Ginger Ale

-Caveman Cola


Revive a traditional American activity! Brew old-fashioned root beer at home. Easy, fun, and educational. This kit makes gallons of naturally-carbonated creamy and delicious root beer. Explore the science of CO2 produced as a by product of yeast metabolism.

Caveman Cola:

Even our resident archaeologists were a bit skeptical of this recipe for caveman cola. But there is a reason this has been handed down through the ages. It’s great! Kit includes cola extract, yeast, a funnel, labels and instructions.

Ginger Ale:

It's time to get back to basics and brew your own ginger ale. This kit makes a classic spicy ale using the science of fermentation. Kit includes ginger-ale extract, yeast, a funnel, labels and instructions.

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