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BruMate Rocks Tumbler! *Rebate Program!*

BM Rocks


Whatever you call it, do it right. We've created the world's most perfect tumbler designed specifically to keep your favorite mixed drinks ice-cold, so your concoctions are never watered down keeping you on the go without the worry of wasting your drink or shattering your glass.

A New Style for an Old Fashioned.

The new 12oz Rocks tumbler is designed to give your favorite cocktails a superb presentation while allowing you to pour generous portions. Designed with a classic square bottom and round rim, impressive sleek lines accent the base while our BevGuard™ technology makes sure your cocktails are always fresh, and never watered down.

Comes in an array of colors.

Also available in the HighBall version!

BRUMATE is part of our exclusive SHOPLIFT REBATE PROGRAM! For each Brumate Wine Tumbler purchased, you will also receive a 10% Shoplift Credit! Credits will appear on your account for any future purchases as of March 29, 2020! 

Out for delivery mid July

Out of stock