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Bubble T Bath Tea Bags

*DO NOT DRINK!* A new twist on "tea time"!

Inspired by the bubble tea phenomenon and the benefits of using tea-based properties in bath and beauty, Bubble T offers a range of innovative products in fun and creative packaging. Each order comes with 3 tea bags, for 3 baths! These are an economical way to enjoy a blissful bath experience!

Paraben, SLS and cruelty-free, Bubble T’s entire bath & body range contains a range of tea-infused ingredients and essential oils for an uplifting and refreshing experience like no other.

More than just colour, this is Bubble T:

✔ Fresh fruity fragrances

✔ Tea-based products

✔ Antioxidant blends

✔ Original and inventive packaging

✔ FREE FROM sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS)

✔ FREE FROM parabens

✔ FREE FROM harsh detergents

✔ AGAINST animal testing

If you love bath bombs you'll love our infused tea bags. Simply dip into your bath and let the tea infused fragrance do its job. Our unique combination of tea and fruit notes are blended with Sweet Orange oil & Goji Berry extracts to deliver nourishment to all skin types.

Directions: Drop a bag under warm running water and allow a short time to diffuse which will lightly fragrance and soften the water. Remove tea bag before getting into water and soak your body in the bath to relieve any aches and pains. For ingredients list, please see below! Out for delivery first week of December
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