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Buzz Wire Drinking Game: How steady is your hand?

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Create a buzz at your next house party or game night with this Buzz Wire Adult Drinking Game!

The Buzz Wire game features a wire man with a hooped wand that a player uses to make their way around the man without making a buzz, which sounds like glass breaking. Using the handle, guide the loop from beginning to end of the loop without touching the wire and causing it to BUZZ! Touch the wire and you set off the buzzer!

Fill up each shot glass with your favorite drink; using the hooped wand, players must make their way around the wire man without making a buzz! If they fail, that player must take a shot and it is then the next player's turn. The longer you play, the harder it gets!

Recommended for 2-4 players.

Set includes 1 buzz man figure, 1 hooped wand and 4 shot glasses.

Requires 2x AAA batteries (not included).

Requires alcohol of choice (also not included)

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