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GLITTER DRINK BOMBS! Great for Champagne, Pop, Carbonated Water & more!


Exclusviely on SHOPLIFT!

Step up your drinks with Shoplift Glitter Drink Bombs!

A party in your glass!

Celebrate by cheers-ing your favourite events! Gender reveal? Birthday? Anniversary? Bachelorette Party? Just because? YES for all!

Add these beautiful bombs to make any drink fun!

While Drink Bombs work best in carbonated drinks, they are able to go in any liquid!

Shoplift Glitter Drink Bombs are made in an AHS approved commercial kitchen, with gourmet cotton candy and premium edible glitter. Each bomb has a faint flavour of pink vanilla (doesn't alter the taste of your favourite drinks), and you can choose your own glitter colour!

Each Shoplift Glitter bomb:

  • is vegan
  • is nut free
  • is dairy free
  • is gluten free
  • is kosher
  • contains 5g of sugar
  • can be used in Pop, Champagne, Prosseco, even Beer!
  • can be used in your Soda Stream drinks and other carbonated waters!

Each Drink bomb comes in its own individual container and is interesting to watch!

Ingredients include food grade Mica-Based Pearlescent which meets all FDA requirements for Food Grade and Edible Pearlized Mica Mineral; Additionally, they may contain one or more of the following food grade & FDA approved ingredients depending on each individual color. Rice protein, dextrose, and various FD&C color additives. Also contains spun sugar

Simply open bomb pod, drop bomb into glass of your favourite carbonated drink, gently stir and enjoy!

Out for delivery beginning November! these make GREAT stocking stuffers! These can even go in hot beverages and slushy drinks too!

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