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NEW! Album Release: Delicate Minds by Robin Cisek

We are honoured to help launch the latest CD release of Robin Cisek: This local Métis woman is using her talent to tackle a topic that is often trivialized. Robin Cisek, a 23-year-old singer songwriter from Strathcona County, is releasing a new album with a focus on mental health. “I’ve been working on this album for quite a while now and I recorded it last summer, so I’ve been sitting on it for a while and making sure I release it the correct way and everything is in order,” explained Cisek. “I’m super excited about the topic and I’m really excited about the quality of music I’ve created with my two producers.” Cisek has been writing and performing music about her own experiences and her Indigenous heritage for a number of years but decided to tackle a new subject with this album. “What inspired the album is people who have gone through mental health issues or had mental illness and have been able to pull through all that and it is really about celebrating strength and resiliency of people with mental health issues and illnesses they experience. I wanted to make the music really upbeat and positive anyway so I could to make sure people with mental illness see they’re being celebrated, rather than music that is sad about them,” Cisek said. This album: Delicate Minds is available to purchase here on Shoplift as well as anywhere Music is sold. This album features 6 incredible songs written and performed professionally by Robin Cisek.
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