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Chelsey Devauld

-Do you offer a service or products or both
Graphic Design Services
Educational Kids products

-If you offer products, do you have inventory? If so how much per product approximately
I currently have a small amount of inventory, but half of my products are personalized. I get printing done in Airdrie and the company I use is still open with reduced hours. So, I am able to keep up with products production. Turnaround time is usually 1-3 business days.

-Description of your company and products or services and why you have your business (we will use this during our business feature)
Graphic Design Services:
I help business owners elevate their visual presentation and brand to a professional level. I have many years of experience and the education to help business owners make the right design decisions when it comes to how they want to present their business to the world. I specialize in logo creation, but I also help with creating marketing advertisements for print or online, banners, business cards, and product labels.

Educational Kids Products:
Many years ago, I started a line of placemats for kids that were write-able, wipe-able and reusable. My own kids really loved having their own bright personalized placemat at the table for meals so I decided to expand this into many different designs, each with some sort of learning aid or educational component. To date, I now have over 17 different designs for placemats for kids ranging in ages 2-10. Some of these also have a fun personalized component! Educational components include number recognition, addition & subtraction, colours, language arts, alphabet printing, cursive writing, multiplication, and more! Every mat is laminated with a very thick 10mm laminate (much thicker than the ones usually found in stores) and can withstand a whole lot of writing with washable markers and wiping!