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Chelsey Design Kids Reusable Placemats

Chelsey Design Kids Reusable Placemats

Wipeable, reusable, educational FUN!

Chelsey Devauld from Chelsey Design started a line of placemats for kids that are write-able, wipe-able and reusable.  To date, she now has over 17 different designs for placemats for kids ranging in ages 2-10. 

These awesome placemats feature educational components including number recognition, addition & subtraction, colours, language arts, alphabet printing, cursive writing, multiplication, and more! Every mat is laminated with a very thick 10mm laminate (much thicker than the ones usually found in stores) and can withstand a whole lot of writing with washable markers and wiping!

Best used with wipeable marker brands such as Crayola!

Chelsey Design is a local Albertan company and we are proud to partner with her for her creations! She has an incredible full lineup including personalized versions as well and if you are looking for something other than the options we have on sale here on Shoplift, you can find her items at


Available options here:

  • Upper & Lowercase Alphabet printing
  • Multiplication Table
  • Kids monthly Calendar
  • House Helper Red
  • House Helper Pink

Orders placed through Shoplift will be out for delivery by the first week of July!

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