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Compact Personal Air Purifier by Relaxus: Includes Composite HEPA filter!

Relaxus Compact Clean Air Purifier: A clean breath!

Do you have allergies or worry about indoor pollutants? A HEPA air purifier could help, but no ordinary purifier can clean in every room. The Relaxus Compact Clean Air Purifier keeps your air clean in all the places you spend the most time.

With this air purifier, you can protect your lungs and respiratory system in every space you spend time in. Your bedroom is a good spot for a purifier, because you spend most of your time there and will benefit the most from clean air. But this purifier doesn’t stop you there. It lets you take it anywhere you spend time in!

It’s quiet operation and low fan option mean you can bring this compact clean air purifier to work without causing a distraction.

*All air cleaners require cleaning and filter replacement to function at maximum capability. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations on how and when to maintain your purifier. You can purchase additional filters separately as well!

The Personal Compact Clean Air Purifier specs:

-HEPA and active carbon filtration

-Portable: take it anywhere! -High/low speed setting

-Quiet operation

-Colour changing LED lights

-Ideal for a bedroom, office or car

-Approximately: 6.25” by 2.5”

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