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Cra Z Art Pencil Crayons & Twist Up Crayons

Cra Z Art Pencil Crayons & Twist Up Crayons

Cra-Z-Art Coloured Pencils & Crayons are essential creative tools for kids.

Available in 2 options:

the 24 pack pencil crayons:

The 24 pre-sharpened coloured pencils in this pack contain a wide range of vivid colours that help inspire children's self-expression and imagination. With thick, soft points that won't break easily, the pencils create brightly coloured lines that are great for school projects and detailed artwork.

- Made with thick, soft leads so they won't break easily under pressure

- Smooth colours are perfect for colour mixing and blending, as well as practicing more detailed techniques

- Perfect for school, home (aren't they the same thing now?!) and office projects

- Sharpened

- 24/Pack

the 12 pack Twist Up crayons:

Cra-Z-Art Twist Up Colored Pencils put a new spin on creativity! Just turn the ends to twist up 12 brilliant colors. See the colored cores turn inside the clear plastic barrels.

There's no sharpening needed—just twist and you're ready to create! Great for coloring, art projects and crafts! 


Out for delivery the first week of May

Out of stock