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Crayola Advent Calendar

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A great option for Holiday fun! Enjoy each day of December leading up to Christmas with a daily Crayola activity! 24 items made up of the following great crayola products help each recipient start their day with an artistic alternative to the traditional Chocolate Advent Calendar! Items inside each calendar include varieties of these products:
  • Doodle scents markers
  • Twistables slick Stix,
  • Glitter crayons, 
  • Metallic crayons,
  • paint pots,
  • paint brush,
  • model magic,
  • washable window markers,
  • pip squeaks marker
  • Goggly eyes,
  • glitter glue stick, 
  • tip sharpener,
  • paper sheets and envelope,
  • sticker sheets,
  • instruction sheet,
  • Anchros,
  • ribbon pieces,
  • glitter glue tube
Ship from Crayola within Canada and will arrive to us mid September, with weeks until Dec 1 rolls around!
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