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Cricut Cutting Mats A Plenty

So Versatile, a MUST HAVE for your craft room! These mats and mat sets offer Choose from several options of standard, light and strong cutting mats... Standard:
  • For use with Cricut Expression machine and Cricut Expression 2 machine
  • Includes two 12-Inch x 24-Inch or 12-Inch x 12-Inch Standard Grip adhesive cutting mats
  • To ensure best performance, use the recommended material types on the mats: Cardstock, Pattern Paper, Embossed Cardstock, Iron-on and Vinyl
  • Keep the clear film cover on the mat when storing to keep mat free from paper scraps and dust
  • Recommended: Use the scraper to scrape away excess pieces and the spatula to carefully remove cut images
  • Specially formulated for lightweight materials, the long-lasting light grip mat allows you to easily cut and remove common office printer paper, vellum, light cardstock, and more
  • Includes one 12x24 Cricut light grip mat
  • Use with Cricut maker and Cricut explore smart cutting machines
  • The stronggrip mat offers a strong hold surface perfect for heavyweight materials such as specialty cardstock, glitter cardstock, chipboard, and fabric with stiffener
  • Includes 12x24 Cricut stronggrip mat
  • Use with Cricut maker and Cricut explore smart cutting machines
  • It's our longest lasting mat featuring double life adhesive technology
Variety pack includes one of each:
  • Works with the Cricut Explore machine, Cricut Expression machine, and Cricut Expression 2 machine
  • One 12" x 24" StandardGrip adhesive cutting mat, one 12" x 24" LightGrip adhesive cutting mat, and one 12" x 24" StrongGrip adhesive cutting mat
  • Recommended materials for StandardGrip adhesive cutting mat: Cardstock, Pattern paper, Embossed cardstock, Iron-on, and Vinyl
  • Recommended materials for LightGrip adhesive cutting mat: Printer paper, Thin cardstock, Vellum, Construction paper, and Vinyl
  • Recommended materials for StrongGrip adhesive cutting mat: Thick cardstock, Glitter cardstock, Magnet material, chipboard, Poster board, and Fabric with stiffener
Ships to us from the US and is expected to be out for delivery during the first week of December  
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