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Custom Gemini

Primarily offer personalized, custom items with both photos and graphics (logo's included, provided the logos are owned by the customer and not infringing on copyright laws) on various drinkware (mugs, wine tumblers, skinny tumblers, coffee travel mugs, beer mugs, metal waterbottles) Plaques and wooden photo applications Custom felt air fresheners (unscented) Expandable phone stands Tea towels Pillowcases (both plain and sequin pillows) Various apparel

We carry inventory for all items we offer, however some items we only carry a few in stock. Drinkware ranges in price from $15+GST/ea=$28 +GST/ea Plaques and wooden photo's range in price from $49.99 +GST/ea-$64.99 +GST/ea Unscented fresheners are $6/ea Expandable phone stands are $8.99 +GST/ea Tea Towels are $9.99 +GST/ea Pillowcases are $24.99 +GST/ea And apparel ranges between $16.99 +GST for youth tees, $19.99 +GST and up for adult tees, and raglans and hoodies range in price from $34.99 +GST/ea-$74.99 +GST/ea

Custom Gemini specializes in logo application and creative personalized gifts. The whole concept of Custom Gemini began when I thought I'd love to create every single item for my wedding by hand. And I did. Right down to the invitations, centerpieces, bridal robes and paper flowers. It really helped me establish the difference between what I COULD make, and what I WANTED to make. I began receiving requests and orders for a variety of items, which was exciting but also overwhelming because I had a very busy, demanding full time job and two young children to contend with. After many, many back and forth about logistics, finances, a LOT of time and equipment investments, my husband and I decided to let Custom Gemini run full steam ahead. I left my full time job to focus on Custom Gemini and found out immediately, we were expecting our third. Custom Gemini had to succeed so we put everything we had into making it work. Over the last year, we have streamlined and discontinued certain items and focused on other items to create a faster turnaround on quality , specialized items.