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D-Man Gear Dryer by Christopher's Custom Creations

Stinky, wet sports gear? D-man to the rescue! Created by an innovative, 10 year old local hockey player...Christopher from Christopher's Custom Creations and his mom know first hand how important it is to properly air and dry your gear! (Christopher manufacturers them locally as well!) The D-Man fits all kids and adult hockey gear, including: chest protector, neck guard, elbow pads, shin guards, skates, gloves, cup and pants The D-Man also has a goalie kit for quickly adapting your D-Man for all Goalies also! Each D-Man stands 5' tall, can be taken apart and set up easily, comes with instructions and a storage/travel bag! Unlike the tree style or other versions, the D-Man can also attach to an optional dryer (sold separately) for super fast drying for those times where you have games a day apart or multiple family members who have wet gear! Out for delivery by the end of November!
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