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DabbaWalla Lunch kits *includes bonus product*

DabbaWalla Lunch Kits for anyone! Comes with these incredible features:
  • Insulating material helps keep food at safe temperatures
  • 12"H x 11"W x 6"D
  • Stands upright so food does too
  • Machine wash (front loader only) or hand wash
  • 100% toxic-free including zero lead, BPA-free and no Phthalates or PVC
Get your child set up for school this year with these great, stylish and high quality lunch kits by DabbaWalla! *Please note: image to show interior of the lunch kit is showing an example of sizing. No contents are included* **COMES WITH A SET OF FREE LUNCH PUNCH DINO CUTTERS!** From a Canadian distributor and will be out for delivery during the week of Sept 3
Out of stock