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Danesco 100% VEGAN Wax Food Wraps 3 pack

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Danesco 100% VEGAN Wax Food Wraps 3 pack

Natural, Reusable, Compostable!

These 100% vegan reusable wraps seal by using the warmth and pressure of your hands creating a breathable seal to store food leftovers.

An incredible alternative to Bees Wax Wraps, these are natural, reusable and compostable without animal byproducts! 

Made of 100% organic cotton, natural soy & candelilla wax, tree resin and coconut oil.

® Vegan Wax Food Wraps are a set of 3:

- small (18 x 20cm) 

- medium (25 x 28cm) 

- large (30.5 x 35cm)

- all three in banana leaf pattern of different colours as shown!


On sale until January 29, out for delivery second week of February

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