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Dano's Media Box-TX5 Pro

DANO's Streaming Box: THE BLACK BOX. This model will not have a front LED display clock but this model has a stronger Wi-Fi module which will give you better reception on the 5G and the 2.4 G when using Wi-Fi. It has the following specs: 2 gig of RAM 16GB ROM gigabyte ethernet Android 6 and the Wi-Fi has really good AC capabilities. This is a s905x processor. Runs just as fast and smooth is the Red Devil and the Rubik's Cube but this device does not get as hot as the s912 models. As always you will have your choice of either the MX3 air mouse or the Rii i8 backlight. Also comes with the awesome Danos private build as well as the awesome Aftercare and customer support. Regular price: $200+ Shoplift price: $175
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