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DIY Felt Friends Sewing Kits


Who wants to make some Felty Friends??  

DIY Felt Friends to sew with, play with and decorate! 

36 different friends! Hours of Fun!

There are three kits - Forest, Dino, and Galaxy!!

Each kit contains at least friends as shown to create a wide variety of characters, the safety needle and the child safe scissors!. 

The easy part is these kits come with EVERYTHING  you need, from the needle to the pre-punched holes to create that cute over stitching effect and instructions!

But the creative side is what you do with them when they are sewn!! Do you create a mobile? Or put them on popsicle sticks and have little puppets? Or maybe they become the Woodland set beside your Barbie house so camping trips are more fun!!  Glue them onto frames for a unique 3D effect!  The options are endless!!! Buy 1 kit or buy them all!

These kits are part of a Shoplift collection and we are excited to offer new ones in the coming weeks!

Out for delivery by the first week of December, these make a GREAT holiday gift idea!

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