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Drink Top Wine Ventilating Toppers: Wine without the bugs! 2 pack!

Who likes bugs in your wine? no one!

Now you can use your glassware outside and keep your wine free of bugs!

Enjoy wine outdoors with Drink Tops™ VENTILATED wine glass covers. A patent-pending design features a stainless steel screen surrounded by food-grade silicone; allows wine to breathe and protects from outdoor elements.

Drink Tops™ are perfect for wine tasting and outdoor entertaining. Assorted colors make attractive drink markers that fit most wine glasses up to four inches wide.

Just cover, sip, and enjoy!

Materials: 100% BPA-free silicone & stainless steel

Care: Top-rack dishwasher safe

Includes: two drink covers (as per options)

Helps protect drinks from flies, bugs, pollen, debris, and sun

Stainless steel mesh allows wine to breathe while staying protected

Made from high-quality BPA-free, food-grade silicone

Assorted colors can also serve as drink markers

Can be used as a coaster

Fits most wine glasses up to 4” wide

Available in 2 packs:

-Green & Pink

-Pink & Blue

-Blue & Purple

-Purple & Yellow

Made in China

Out for delivery mid May!

Out of stock