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Drop It! Natural Wine Sulfate & Tannin remover!

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Drop It! Natural Wine Sulfate & Tannin remover!

Stop the Wine Headaches! YES IT WORKS!

Drop It is the only all natural product on the market that reduces both Tannins and Sulfites in wine for those get headaches of other adverse reactions from just a simple glass of wine or two!

Drop It is completely portable so just add a few drops to your favorite glass or bottle of red, white or sparkling wine for a more enjoyable experience.

Add Drop It drops to either a full glass or bottle of wine-it doesn't change the taste of your wine! It will treat up to 55 glasses or 9 bottles of wine.

Drop It is made from all natural FDA approved GRAS ingredients. Drop It will combine with the free sulfites and convert them to harmless sulfites.

How does it work? Drop It has proteins that will bind to the tannins to precipitate them out. Drop It can be adjusted to personal preference based on level of sensitivity. Drop It can reduce the astringency in your wine, found in young wines. Drop It has been laboratory tested in Napa Valley. Drop It will not change the flavor of the wine. Drop It is in a small bottle that can easily fit into your purse or pocket. Drop It should be kept out of direct heat and sunlight.

So go ahead and say "Yay to the Rose and Chardonnay", and "Let's go to the Merlot and Moscato" or just say yes to every other wine that doesn't rhyme with anything.


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