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Elements Man Up Natural Beard Oil: If you have a beard, you will love this!

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Elements Beard Oil

Tame your mane with this light, all natural beard oil.

Blended with a host of wild crafted and home grown botanicals, including skin soothing poplar bud oil. Poplar bud is renowned to provide intense nourishment to the skin and happens to smell amazing.

This oil was formulated to soften, condition and nourish the hair and skin. Works wonders on facial hair, on skin complaints as well as a serum to stimulate hair growth.

Leaves a pleasing hint of our woodland fresh aromatherapy blend which also helps to inhibit bacterial growth.

Use only a small amount, a little goes a long way.

This line of re-imagined barber shop inspired products is created for everyone who simply wants to 'Man up' and take care of their skin.

Key Elements:

Poplar bud infusion: Deeply nourishing to skin and hair.

Rosemary essential oil:Widely revered for being beneficial to the hair by stimulating the follicle and enlivening the individual strand.


Comes in a recyclable 30 ml glass dropper bottle so its not only good for your beard, it is good for the environment!


Out for delivery mid November

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