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Erabl'Or Organic 100% Pure Quebec Maple Syrup

Believe it! Get your hands on this great, internationally known product! Erabl'Or offers the highest caliber of Organic Maple Syrup, direct from Quebec! Make all kinds of delicious treats with your syrup including snow candy and maple cones! DID YOU KNOW? Maple syrup has 63 antioxidants: that is more than Broccoli! Healthier than using artificial sweeteners, low glycemic index, and a great source of vitamins and minerals! Erabl'Or Maple Syrup is official Ecocert certified and Canada Organic certified, meaning there is not only a certification of no chemical traces in their products, but also means they undergo strict control over their production. HOW TO CHOOSE FLAVOR STRENGTH: -Golden is defined as a Delicate taste -Amber is defined as a Rich taste -Dark is defined as a Robust taste
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