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Exerfit Resistant Bands Set of 3


Multiple Resistance Full Body Workout Kit

Make self care a reality! Start simple and set achievable goals for a healthier you! Simple resistance routines are quick and can be done anywhere.

Use at the gym, office, hotel, home – The Exercise band is one of the most diverse and affordable fitness and rehab tools available.

Full body workout: Arms, Chest, Legs, Back, Glutes & more. As strength/ range of motion/flexibility improve, move to the next level of resistance.

Comes as a Set of 3 bands:

  • Blue 0.25mm(Light Resistance),
  • Pink 0.35mm (Medium Resistance),
  • Grey 0.45mm (Heavy Resistance).
  • Made of Natural Rubber Latex, get years of use from one set!  

Out for delivery by the end of April

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