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Exerfit Resistant Bands 3 pack & Resistant Loops 3 pack!


Multiple Resistance Full Body Workout Kit

Make self care a reality! Start simple and set achievable goals for a healthier you! Simple resistance routines are quick and can be done anywhere.

Use at the gym, office, hotel, home – The Exercise band is one of the most diverse and affordable fitness and rehab tools available.

Full body workout: Arms, Chest, Legs, Back, Glutes & more. As strength/ range of motion/flexibility improve, move to the next level of resistance.

Comes as:

-Resistance Straps as a Set of 3 bands:

-Resistance Infinity Loops as a Set of 3:

  • Blue 0.25mm(Light Resistance),
  • Pink 0.35mm (Medium Resistance),
  • Grey 0.45mm (Heavy Resistance).
  • Made of Latex FREE TPE
  • get years of use from one set!  

Help stay active at home!

These sets are on sale all week until Friday, Feb 12 and will be out for delivery by the end of February!

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